PhishDeck now allows you to configure Slack notifications to alert you when Targets click links and, more importantly enter credentials in phishing simulation tests.

Security teams who want greater control can set-up Generic Webhook notifications to react to “link clicked” and “credentials entered” events in PhishDeck.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Go to

  2. Click “Create New App”

  3. Click “From Scratch”

  4. Use “PhishDeck” as an app name and select your Slack Workspace

  5. Add an app icon and a short description

  6. Select “Incoming Webhooks”

  7. Enable “Activate Incoming Webhooks”

  8. Select “Add New Webhook to Workspace” by scrolling down in the same page

  9. Authorize the webhook to post to a channel of your choosing (it’s recommended to select a private channel)

  10. Copy the Webhook URL (starts with

  11. Switch to PhishDeck's account page

  12. Scroll down to find the "Integrations" section

  13. Paste the Webhook URL copied previously

  14. You're done. Note that alerts will be effective on all existing campaigns.