PhishDeck is a phishing simulation platform, and as such, we take great care and responsibility as to who we engage phishing simulations with. Before you can start sending out phishing emails to a given domain, we will need to verify that you are authorized to do so.

To verify a Domain, navigate to your Account settings (A), then click on the “Add Domain” button (B).

Select "DNS" as the "Verification Type".

DNS domain verification involves adding a TXT record to your domain that does not expire and will remain valid as long as the TXT record on your domain is present.

Navigate to the "Confirm TXT Record" link to show the TXT record to add and verify to your DNS zone.

Adding this DNS record won't affect your existing email or other services. Save the record, go back to PhishDeck and select Verify. It typically takes around 15 minutes for record changes to register, but sometimes it can take longer (up to 48 hours). Give it some time and a few tries to pick up the change.